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The Global Value of Vaccination

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    • Cost of measles much higher than vaccine
      One case of measles can cost 23 times as much as a single vaccination to prevent it.  
    • Vaccines cost ~$50 per healthy life year saved
      Most vaccinations cost less than $50 per healthy life year saved. In contrast, treating hypertension costs between $4,340 and $87,940 per healthy life year saved.  
    • Eradication of smallpox has saved 40 million lives worldwide
      Since global vaccination efforts wiped out smallpox disease in 1979, infections in 350 million people have been prevented and 40 million lives have been saved.  
    • Life years saved from infectious disease eradication
      Infectious disease eradication in the U.S. led to the following annual life years saved (LYS): 5,811,852 for measles 42,702 for tetanus 212,690 for polio 1,685,740 for smallpox