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Report of Findings from Opinion Research among Heart Valve Disease Patients

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    • Satisfaction with HVD Treatment
      Among treated heart valve disease (HVD), 96% express “full satisfaction” and 78% are “very satisfied” with their treatment.  
    • Many cases of HVD are diagnosed during a routine physical check-up
      Six in 10 patients did not have or recognize symptoms of heart valve disease (HVD) and were only diagnosed after going to their doctor for a regular check-up or a…  
    • HVD patients knew little prior to their diagnosis
      More than 2/3 of valve disease patients knew a limited amount or nothing about heart valve disease (HVD) before their diagnosis.  
    • Many Americans know nothing about HVD
      Of those Americans surveyed ages 65+, 30% know nothing about heart valve disease (HVD).  
    • American knowledge of HVD
      A survey of Americans found that only 1 in 4 know “somewhat” or a “great deal” about heart valve disease (HVD). Forty percent know nothing about the disease.