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Projecting the Future Diabetes Population Size and Related Costs for the U.S.

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    • In 2034, there will be 14.1 million Americans who are diabetic and eligible for Medicare.  
    • In the next 25 years, the number of people with diabetes and the cost to treat them, will both at least double.  
    • In 2034, annual spending on diabetes will increase to $336 billion.  
    • In 2034 a projected 44.1 million Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes.  
    • From 2009 to 2034, for the Medicare-eligible population, the diabetes population is expected to rise from 8.2 million in 2009 to 14.6 million in 2034.  
    • Between 2009 and 2034, annual diabetes-related spending is expected to increase from $113 billion to $336 billion (2007 dollars).  
    • Between 2009 and 2034, the number of people with diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes will increase from 23.7 million to 44.1 million.