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National Council on Aging, Fact Sheet, Health Aging, 2014

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    • Suicide rates among older population
      Adults 85 and over have a higher suicide rate than any other population.  
    • Mental health treatment for older adults
      Only one third of the older population with mental issues receives necessary treatment.  
    • Future substance abuse among the older population
      There will be approximately 5 million older adults with substance abuse problems in 2020.  
    • Number of older adults who experience depression
      About 7 million older adults experience depression.  
    • Mental disorders among older adults
      Currently, 25 percent of older Americans experience depression, anxiety, dementia, or other mental disorders. By 2030, the number is expected to double.  
    • Falls among older adults
      An older adults suffers a fall that requires an emergency room visit every 15 seconds. Every 29 minutes, an older American dies as a result of a fall.  
    • Older adults with diabetes
      About 23 percent of adults aged 60 or over have diabetes.    
    • Chronic diseases among older adults
      Of the total older adult population over 90 percent have a chronic disease (i.e. heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes), and more than 75 percent have two or more.