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Medicare cost of osteopathic fractures

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    • Reducing secondary bone fractures can reduce medicare spending
      Reducing 5-20 percent of “secondary” bone fractures in 2015 could have reduced Medicare FFS spending by $310 million to $1.2 billion over a follow-up period that lasted up to 2 to…  
    • New osteoporotic fractures, mobidity, and mortality
      Over 40% of Medicare FFS beneficiaries with a new osteoporotic fracture were hospitalized within a week after their fracture and nearly 20% died within 12 months following a new osteoporotic…  
    • Medicare Patients and Fractures Suffered in 2015
      2 million Medicare patients suffered 2.3 Million fractures in 2015.  
    • Americans at risk for osteoporosis
      54 million Americans age 50 and over either already have or are at risk of osteoporosis.