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Chronic Conditions: Making the case for ongoing care

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    • People with 5 or more chronic conditions see an average of close to 14 different physicians and fill 50 prescriptions per year.  
    • One in Four Americans Has Multiple Chronic Conditions  
    • Older Adults are More Likely to Have Multiple Chronic Conditions  
    • Dementia prevalence was found to increase with age, from 5% of those Americans aged 71-79 years to 37.4% of those aged 90 and older.  
    • Physician and Home Health Care Visits Increase with the Number of Chronic Conditions  
    • Seniors with Chronic Conditions Rarely Have a Single Condition  
    • Two-Thirds of Medicare Spending is For Beneficiaries with Five or More Chronic Conditions  
    • Women Are More Likely Than Men to Have a Chronic Condition Primarily Because They Live Longer  
    • Percentage of Health Care Spending for Individuals with Chronic Conditions Varies by Type of Health Insurance  
    • People with Chronic Conditions are the Heaviest Users of Health Care Services  
    • People with Chronic Conditions Accounted for 85 Percent of All Health Care Spending in 2004  
    • In 1998, the care given to people with chronic conditions accounted for 78% of health care spending–Now they account for 85%.  
    • 46 million more Americans are projected to have at least one chronic condition in 2030 than in 2000.  
    • The number of people with chronic conditions exceeded a previous prediction by reaching 125 million in 2000 and will grow to almost 157 million by 2020.  
    • The U.S. spent 85% of our health care dollars on people with chronic conditions in 2004.  
    • In 2005, 133 million people had at least one chronic condition. The number will increase to 157 million by 2020.