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Cancer Facts & Figures 2013

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    • Around 90% of cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed in people 50 years and older.  
    • An estimated 60% of prostate cancer cases are diagnosed in men 65 years and older.  
    • Around 67% of all cases of breast cancer are in women age 55 years and older.  
    • In 2013 alone, an esimated 1.6 million Americans were predicted to be diagnosed with cancer.  
    • Cancer accounts for a quarter of all deaths in the U.S.  
    • In 2013, an estimated 500,000 Americans were predicted to die from cancer.  
    • The risk of developing invasive cancer, a common source of persistent pain, increases from 1 in 69 for men and 1 in 46 for women under the age of 39,…