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Almanac of Chronic Disease: 2008 Edition

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    • If Left Unchecked Chronic Disease Could Cost the U.S. Almost $6 Trilion in Lost Economic Output by 2050  
    • Presenteeism is Responsible for the Largest Share of Lost Economic Output Associated with Chronic Health Problems  
    • Health Care Spending Related to Chronic Diseases is Dwarfed by the Indirect Costs of These Health Problems  
    • Increases in Prevalence and Treatment Intensity of Chronic Disease are Responsible for About Two-Thirds of the Increase in Health Care Costs Over the Past Two Decades  
    • Family Caregivers are a Critical Source of Support for Americans with Chronic Illnesses  
    • Chronic Diseases are the Leading Causes of Death in the U.S.  
    • Older Adults Are More Likely to Have Chronic Conditions, but Americans of All Ages are Affected  
    • Many Americans Have More Than One Chronic Health Problem