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There are nearly 14.5 million people in the U.S. living with a history of cancer.

DeSantis, C, C Lin, A Mariotto, R Siegel, K Stein, et al. Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Statistics, 2014. CA Cancer J Clin. 2014; 64: 252-71.


Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Statistics, 2014
CA Cancer J Clin
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DeSantis, C, C Lin, A Mariotto, R Siegel, K Stein, et al.
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  • Between August 2004 and July 2014, the FDA approved: Six new anticancer therapeutics Five new uses for previously approved anticancer therapeutics Two new uses for imaging agents One new use for a screening test  
  • An experimental drug may help those women whose breast cancer worsens despite use of other therapies. The medicine was shown in studies to nearly double the time breast cancer…  
  • Investments in cancer care generated $598 billion of additional value for cancer patients diagnosed between 1983 and 1999.  
  • “Among women age 65 and over, the percentage who had a mammogram within the preceding 2 years almost tripled from 23% in 1987 to 64% in 2005.”  
  • Chemotherapy drugs now target specific genomic abnormalities, about 150 effective drugs are available for cancer therapy, and new surgical techniques minimize negative consequences while producing better results.