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The direct and indirect costs of breast cancer in the U.S. are about $2.35 and $3.13 billion annually. Close to $2 billion of that total is spent on late stage treatment.

Radice, Davide, and Alberto Redaelli. Breast Cancer Management: Quality-of-life and cost considerations. Pharmacoeconom. 2003; 21(6): 383-396.


Breast Cancer Management: Quality-of-life and cost considerations
Publication Date
Radice, Davide, and Alberto Redaelli
Volume & Issue
Volume 21, Issue 6
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  • Cost of Disease
  • Economic Burden

Related Facts

  • A woman’s chance of having invasive breast cancer sometime during her lifetime is about 1 in 8.  
  • Tobacco smoking as a major risk factor
    Worldwide, tobacco smoking (including second-hand smoke) was 1 of the top 3 leading risk factors for disease and contributed to an estimated 6.2 million deaths in 2010.  
  • During the past decade, growth of spending for prostate cancer has averaged 11 percent a year, outpacing rates for other common conditions such as cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.   
  • More than one in four cancer survivors have a high burden from their symptoms at one-year after their diagnosis–even those who are no longer getting treatment.  
  • About 11,270 cases of invasive cervical cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2009.