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Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy by Age, in the US

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Vision Problems in the U.S.: Prevalence of adult vision impairment and age-related eye disease in America 5th Edition. Chicago: IL: Prevent Blindness America; 2012. Accessed May 17, 2016


  • Cost of Disease
  • Age - A Major Risk Factor

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  • Medical costs attributed to diabetes include $27 billion in direct care, $58 billion in treating diabetes-related chronic complications, and $31 billion in excess general medical costs.  
  • The annual cost of diabetes, in 2002 dollars, could rise to an estimated $156 billion by 2010, and $192 billion by 2020.  
  • Due to the combined burdens and complications of diabetes, individuals at age 60 that are diagnosed with diabetes have a reduction in life expectancy and quality-of-life years of 7.3 and…  
  • Every year, over 210,000 deaths are attributable to diabetes and its complications.  
  • Annual Direct and Indirect Costs of Diabetic Retinopathy