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MRSA infections increase in older patients

In 2008, 75% of healthcare-associated invasive MRSA infections occurred in patients older than 50, with 46% in patients older than 65%.

Kallen A, Mu Y, Bulens S, Reingold A, et al. Healthcare-Associated Invasive MRSA Infections, 2005-2008. JAMA. 2010; 304(6): 641-7.


Healthcare-Associated Invasive MRSA Infections, 2005-2008
Publication Date
Kallen A, Mu Y, Bulens S, Reingold A, et al.
Volume & Issue
Volume 304, Issue 6
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  • Cost of Disease
  • Age - A Major Risk Factor

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  • Sepsis in hospitalized patients
    Hospitalized patients with sepsis who survived to 31 days experienced a 16.2% absolute increase in late mortality.  
  • ~3/4 of all HAIs occur outside of ICU
    Nearly 3/4 of all hospital-acquired HAIs occur outside of the intensive care unit (ICU).  
  • Drug-resistant MRSA expensive to treat
    As an example, the median treatment cost for drug-resistant MRSA patients over a 6-month period was 118% higher than the cost of treating drug-susceptible MRSA strains.  
  • Drug resistant infections cost $16.6 – $26 billion to US healthcare system annually
    Drug-resistant infections cost the U.S. healthcare system between $16.6 and $26 billion in extra costs each year.  
  • Dramatic increase of antibiotic resistance between 1981 and 2001
    Increase in antibiotic resistance over 20 year period