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Hospitalizations due to pneumonia

Community-acquired pneumonia is responsible for 350,000 – 620,000 hospitalizations each year in Americans age 65 and older.

Martson B, Plouffe J, File T, Hackman B, et al. Incidence of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Requiring Hospitalization. Arch Intern Med. 1997; 157(15): 1709-18.


Incidence of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Requiring Hospitalization
Arch Intern Med
Publication Date
Martson B, Plouffe J, File T, Hackman B, et al.
Volume & Issue
Volume 157, Issue 15
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  • Cost of pneumonia and flu more than $40 billion in 2005
    In 2005, pneumonia and influenza combined cost the U.S. $40.2 billion—$34.2 in direct costs and $6 billion in indirect mortality costs.  
  • Source of 99,000 annual deaths from HAIs
    Of the 99,000 annual deaths from HAIs: 35,967 are from pneumonia 30,665 are from bloodstream infections 13,088 are from urinary tract infections 8,205 are from surgical site infections; and 11,062 are from infections at other…  
  • Death rate from pneumonia and flu rises significantly with age
    The death rate from pneumonia and influenza is close to 130 times higher in people age 85 and older, compared to people ages 45 to 54. This increased risk due…  
  • Infection and related sepsis leading cause of death in noncardiac-ICUs
    Infection and related sepsis/septicemia are the leading cause of death in noncardiac-ICUs, accounting for as many as 60% of deaths.  
  • Flu rates in long-term care facilities
    Residents of long-term care facilities are particularly vulnerable to influenza, with rates of illness that range as high as 25% to 60%.