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2004 saw the sharpest drop in deaths in around 60 years – down almost 50,000 from 2003. The research team for “Death: Preliminary Data for 2004” from the National Center for Health Statistics, suspects that the drop is due to decreases in deaths from heart disease, stroke, and cancer – the leading killers. It may also have to do with 2004 having a mild flu season.


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Related Facts

  • Every $1 invested in newer medications saves $7 in other costs.  
  • Medicines in Development for Older Americans, 2008  
  • New Medicines Account for 40% of Increase in Life Expectancy  
  • Increased Use of Medicines Reduces Overall Health Care Costs: Mental health/substance abuse (MH/SA) spending per patient fell as drug spending increased, 1992-1999  
  • Greater Adherence to Medicines Decreases Total Health Care Spending