Parkinson's Disease  /  Economic Burden

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that impacts close to one million Americans. It leads to debilitating symptoms, comorbidities, expensive medical care, and caregiving needs. Existing therapies help manage symptoms and exciting research advances hold promise for even better management and potential cures.

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    • Total Cost of Parkinson’s Disease
    • Total Cost Breakdown of Parkinson’s (Direct and Indirect Medical Costs)
    • Government Spending for Parkinson’s Disease
    • Direct Medical Costs Per Person with Parkinson’s Disease Increase with Severity
    • Direct and Indirect Costs of Parkinson’s Disease
    • Annual Direct and Non-medical Costs Per Parkinson’s Patient
    • Parkinson’s Disease Medicare Beneficiaries and Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Health Care Visits Due to Parkinson’s disease
    • The cost of nursing homes for Parkinson’s patients totaled $5 billion in 2010.  
    • Medical expenses for Parkinson’s alone costs $8.1 billion or $12,800 per person in 2010.  
    • Therapeutic surgery for those with Parkinson’s can cost approximately $100,000 per patient.  
    • Parkinson’s disease cost our nation $25 billion each year in direct and indirect costs.  
    • In addition to the estimated $14.4 billion a year in costs for Parkinson’s disease to the nation, an additional $6.3 billion in indirect costs (missed work or loss of job…  
    • Individuals with Parkinson’s disease in 2010 incurred medical expenses of $22,800 per patient (in PD-related expenses)–$12,800 higher than someone without the disease.  
    • The national economic burden of Parkinson’s disease in 20130 exceeded $14.4 billion–approximately $22,800 per patient.  
    • Drug therapy for Parkinson’s disease costs more than $6 billion a year. Costs such as rehabilitation and home care can run as high as $150,000 per patient, per year.