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Healthcare-Associated Infections Factsheet

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    • HAI Annual Cost
      Healthcare-associated infections in US hospitals cost $96–$147 billion annually.  
    • Comorbidities and hospitalization higher with HAIs
      Patients with HAIs have more comorbidities (2.8 vs. 1.9) and in-hospital mortality (9% vs. 1.5%), compared to all other hospitalized patients.  
    • Sepsis accounts for nearly 1/2 of ICU expenditures
      Infection and related sepsis/septicemia account for 40% of all ICU expenditures.  
    • New antibacterial agents between 1983 and 2012
      Total number of new antibacterial agents is in decline  
    • ~70% of hospital HAIs resistant to ≥ antimicrobial
      Approximately 70% of hospital-acquired HAIs are resistant to at least one antimicrobial drug.