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Diabetic Retinopathy

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    • DR Treatment Savings in the US
      Every year, the U.S. saves an estimated $1.6 billion by treating DR.  
    • Economics of DR Treatment
      Laser treatment plus a VEGF inhibitor achieved an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of $12,410 per quality adjusted life year in patients with DME.  
    • Mobile Exam for DR
      Use of a mobile examination for DR screening in Finland decreased visual impairment by 86% in the covered area.  
    • Remote Interpretation of Retinal Imaging for DR
      Use of remote interpretation of retinal imaging in diabetics sent via tele-ophthalmology, improved the frequency of screening from 32% to 71% in only 12 months.  
    • Tele-ophthalmology
      Adequately trained general practitioners can screen for DR with 90% sensitivity using tele-ophthalmology.