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Majority of physicians treated patient with at least 1 drug-resistant infection

63% of surveyed infectious disease physicians treated a patient with at least one drug-resistant infection in 2011. 56% believed those infections to be on the rise.

Hersh, Adam L., Jason G. Newland, Susan E. Beekmann, Philip M. Polgreen, and David N. Gilbert. Unmet Medical Need in Infectious Diseases. Clin Infect Dis. 2012; 54(11): 1677-8.


Unmet Medical Need in Infectious Diseases
Clin Infect Dis
Publication Date
Hersh, Adam L., Jason G. Newland, Susan E. Beekmann, Philip M. Polgreen, and David N. Gilbert
Volume & Issue
Volume 54, Issue 11
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  • HAIs cost patients additional $43,000 per hospital stay
    Patients with HAIs cost, on average, $43,000 more per hospital stay than those without an infection ($52,096 vs. $9,377).  
  • MRSA infections increase in older patients
    In 2008, 75% of healthcare-associated invasive MRSA infections occurred in patients older than 50, with 46% in patients older than 65%.  
  • Patients hospitalized for sepsis experience poor outcomes
    Compared with patients hospitalized with other diagnoses, patients hospitalized for sepsis/septicemia are: 1/2 as likely to be discharged home 2 times more likely to be discharged to other short-term care 3 times more…  
  • Sepsis accounts for 17% of in-hospital deaths
    In 2008, only 2% of hospitalization were for sepsis/septicemia, yet they made up 17% of in-hospital deaths.  
  • Around $35 billion cost to society from antibiotic resistant infections
    The societal costs of antibiotic resistant infections are around $35 billion each year- this includes the cost of lost wages and premature deaths.